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Where to start?

Does this sound familiar?

Let me set the scene.

You have hundreds of ideas running through your head.

Places you want to go,

Things you want to do,

Projects you want to start (and finish!)

Picturing yourself in six months time working remotely on an idyllic beach or even a smaller dream of spending more time with your family, gives you a momentary buzz, a flush of hope and excitement.

That’s what gets us pumped. These glimpses of what we want our future to look like etched into our brain almost waiting for us to reach out and grab them. They are all there for the taking.

However, fear and uncertainty is holding you back.

How do you even start to make these visions a reality?

Believe it or not, the hardest part of achieving anything, is actually writing it down and we can often get lost (and carried away) with our own thoughts. Having clear, written out goals will help focus the mind, allow you to create meaningful and manageable targets and provide you with a valuable reference point to stay on track.

Trust me, I’ve been there many times before. You get overwhelmed by ideas, and before you know it someone has beat you to it, and you’re left kicking yourself for not even trying to bring your idea to life.

So with that in mind, I will leave you with one SIMPLE piece of important advice.


From mind to paper is the first step.

Get your idea written down and then figure out how you are going to achieve it, but don’t leave it in your head. Focus your mind on what you want to achieve by creating your list with clear, manageable goals.

Start small if you have to, just make sure you start!

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