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1% wins

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

“It is better to aim high and miss than to aim low and hit.” Les Brown

Yep, you’ve got it we love a good quote! Sometimes they’re annoying and super cringey but once in a while there is one that sings straight to your heart.

It is so much easier to NOT have a big goal in mind, to push it aside and put it under the file of ‘in another life, I would have, could have …’

If you don’t do it, you won’t fail either so there is safety in keeping small. That safety can sometimes be disguised as fear. It’s really hard to give into fear. That barrier is strong and fierce, perhaps because what lies behind the wall of fear is your true self. Keep pushing, it will be worth it.

Now, especially now, in these uncertain, topsy, turvy times, is the exact moment to aim BIG. So much has already been shaken up. Why not keep moving and growing even when it feels uncomfortable and scary; KEEP AIMING BIG!

Why not?

With the 'BIG' talk done now, let’s do some small talk.

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS, you’ve managed to write down your ideas and taken the first steps towards reaching your goals (check our previous blog). Even if you are on your tiptoes, (or knees) you’re still moving. This is where the ‘small’ talk is so relevant and essential.

The small, time consuming and often tedious building blocks are what will become your foundation, your unshakable base from where everything started. Treat every small task with enthusiasm and respect. This is the beginning, this is the hardest bit.


How can you even begin to achieve these big goals?

The answer?

Something at Sortable we call 1% wins.

Break down each goal into a micro goal or several micro goals if necessary.

Even on days when you’re just not feeling it, make a micro goal that is achievable. For example, research a like minded business, ethos, person to guide or inspire. (Basically, scroll through instagram in bed, drinking tea, trying to figure out what to do next.)

At Sortable HQ our 1% wins are small, incremental changes that help move you in the right direction and ultimately pave the way towards your big goal.

Achieving 1% wins will also give you a true sense of satisfaction, motivation and positivity.

1% wins are a real mood booster.

Still unsure?

Give it a go …

Think of something you want to achieve. It doesn’t matter how big (or small it is), just get it written down (see our previous blog). For example: ‘I will take an online course on WordPress by Christmas.’

Next, break this goal down into five smaller targets that will help you achieve you main goal. For example: ‘Research WordPress online courses’.

From here, break down this sub goal again into even smaller micro-goals. For example: ‘Read at least three blogs on the best WordPress courses’.

This may seem like an unnecessary approach, however trust us, it will make things less daunting and will give you that all needed focus required to push forwards.

Still not feeling like anything will change with 1% wins?

Try it!


That is your first 1% win.

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