Hi, I’m Adam, the founder of Sortable. 

During my career I have listened to endless tales of stress, overworking and the inability to finish to-do lists or manage time. Being hyper-organised myself and excelling in getting sh** done, I would thrive on these stories and often throw myself head first into the problem in order to sort it. 

And so, Sortable was born. 

With a background heavily based in marketing and logistics, I have a keen eye for detail and will ensure all tasks are carried out in a meticulous, yet efficient manner. Excelling under pressure has lead to my enjoyment of working towards deadlines. 

There is nothing better for me than crossing things off a to-do list. Some people like to look at a to-do list, I like to look at a to-do list ticked off and complete. After listening to your specific needs and determining your requirements and deadlines, you can sit back and leave the rest to me. My friendly, laid back and outgoing approach allows for an ‘ask me anything’ relationship.

Helping clients organise their homes, personal life and time is what I love doing the most and what I do best. I am here to help simplify and streamline all your tasks and clutter, to allow you to get your schedule back on track, and start enjoying the more important things in life.



Personal admin overwhelming you? Need an extra pair of hands but don't know who to ask?

Sortable is an all encompassing executive assistant service, offering top quality, bespoke services ranging from daily errands and reservations to decluttering and diary management. Our specialist skills drive productivity and efficiency no matter what you need help with. It's time to get your schedule back on track and start enjoying life to the fullest.

Giving you the freedom to balance work and home life. That’s what we do. That’s Sortable.

Contact Sortable today to see what we can do for you!

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"For every minute spent organising, an hour is earned."

Benjamin Franklin



  • Bookings and Reservations

  • Travel Arrangements

  • Event Planning

  • House Move

  • Technology Support

  • Day to Day Admin

  • Diary Management

  • Task-Based Errands

  • Decluttering

  • Personal Shopping

  • General Research

Can't find what you're looking for? Don't worry. The chances are we can still do it. 




From to-do lists and diaries, to spreadsheets and checklists, our hyper-organised work ethic will ensure you never lose track of your tasks.


Our streamlined and efficient approach to tasks will ensure you aren't wasting another minute of your day with mundane or daunting jobs.


The minute you delegate your tasks, you no longer need to worry. Sit back, relax and start enjoying your new found freedom.


We understand that certain matters may be personal by nature. Therefore, discretion and privacy are embedded in everything we do.

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